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Your Guide


This dish is probably my most favorite food in the entire world--it's the only thing I ask to have for my birthday--and a little taste of heaven! 


6 Dried Pasilla Chiles 

6 Dried California Chiles

1.75 oz Achiote 

1 Large cans of Juanitas Hominy 

1 Red Oni...


As breweries in LA go, if you like hops and bitters you're in good hands.  For those who aren't a fan of those things, I do have to say that there is a beer here for everyone, and most everything is very well balance.  Definitely a fun place to come to enjoy some board...


 An awesome wine under 20 dollars.  You will not regret it, with lots of floral and berry in the nose this wine smells like a wonderful rose garden and apple orchard.  Has tasting notes of under-ripe cherries, cranberry and rosewater.  Enjoy!



2 semi green plantains

1 cup of re-fried pinto beans 

Soy Chorizo

Tomatillo Salsa 

Your favorite Hot Sauce 

Cilantro garnish

1 canola oil 

Salt and Pepper


1.  Peel the plantains and place them in a bowl. With your hands smash them into a thick pa...


 Gracias Madre in West Hollywood is the full package when it comes to restaurants. They have great tasting food, amazing drinks, beautiful decor, and of course wonderful service.  It is a plant based restaurant, but to those meat eaters out there DO NOT let this scare...

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The quest to be a snob is in the search for knowledge, in order to better the culture around you. -The Snob

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"Food is the harvest of culture."

-The Snob